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Tango for beginners - Wednesday - May 29th-



no partner needed


Sound healing journey

Thursday - May 30th


15$-25$ donation - your choice


Yoga- Thursday - May 30th-3-4pm


open to all


Yoga - Friday - May 31th-3-4pm


open to all


Yoga - Saturday - 9-10am

open to all levels



individual sound healing session

by appointment




Monday - June 3rd-6:30-8:30pm

Power animal, cacao and sound healing

with Barnaby Ruhe and Urszula

cacao to warm up your heart, life stories and healing done

with power animal journey and sound and drum

Dr Barnaby Ruhe is a shamanic and art teacher at NYU with years of healing experiance

35$ paypal or Venmo 

Venmo to @Urszula-Abolik (last 4 digits 1382)


Tuesday - June 4th-6:30-8pm

Beginners tango class



Wednesday - June 5th




Thursday - Yoga -June 6th




Thursday - June 6th

DJing Tango at Leonia, NJ, Terris Milonga


June 7, 8 and 9th

Weeknd at the Farm


forested mountain farmhouse with springfed pool, sweatlodge, for complete transformation ceremonies from several traditions. Give it up. Find yourself inside your ambient, what is around you. Sound Bath releases gunky energy pockets, water blesses, the wind caresses, the ground receives your losses. The fire consumes the bitternesses exactly. Done. And then we dance in the natural way, again. Impromptu Ritual shifts, Akinyele senses what needs to move, then we work for others and discover we can. 
sound healing, nature, power animal, individual healings.

The cost of the weekend - 300$
paid to Venmo at @Urszula-Abolik
or PayPal at
please, pay before the weekend of June 7thFood - potluck style, we will have warm food cooked.
The event starts at 5pm - people arriving - please enjoy the nature.
Circle in the evening will be late - at 8-8:30pm
Saturday - all day long events. We start with early yoga with Ula at 9am.
Ceremonies, rituals, power animal sound healing-all day
Sunday - time for individual healings.


Philadelphia PII Gallery - Kacper Abolik show.

opening reception-Friday - June 7th-4-8pm

Kacper says:

"Excited to invite you to my first solo exhibition in Philadelphia ‘Ritual and Dance’ at PII Gallery. Opening reception on June 7th 5-9pm. Thank you to my team and Margaret Berczynski".




Moving through daily rituals we stretch and clasp hands together in religious manners, assemble in halls, sing, dance, prepare and eat food. Calculated and free movements of the body are explored each day. Even as we sleep, we persist in unconscious motion, traversing through the landscapes of our dreams. The paintings’ origins find their source through the subtle gestures, synchronized movements, sacred objects, and symbols present in occult and earthly rites alike. The subjects appear entranced in the act of ritual, immersed in ceremony or adrift amongst the chaos.




June 7 - 29 


Gallery Hours: Thursday-Saturday 12-6pm


PII Gallery 242 Race St. Philadelphia, PA 19106


Tango for Beginners - Tuesday - June 11th




Tango for Beginners - Wednesday - June 12th





Zen Tango weekend - 

August 2, 3 and 4th

We are meeting in PA again for the 8th time to dance tango and start new friendships. 
Summer edition.
It is tango but also connection to Nature, and many tango discussions and debates.
Event schedule:
Friday - you can arrive anytime to the Farm.
8pm-12am - Milonga at the Farm. Tango DJ @ Kerry Kay!!!!
We dance at the Barnaby Ruhe Farm, Emmaus, PA (address later)
We cook together, have a campfire, etc during the day. You can arrive early.
Saturday - 
yoga at the farm at 11am
Picnic at 12pm. Potluck.
Tango debates, tango competition.

Tango class at Fegleys BrewWorks - 7-8pm-Chacarera/folclor - with Silvana Brizuela-Weigel
Milonga at the Fegley's BrewWorks, Allentown.
Milonga is from 8pm till 12am at our ballroom venue.
8-10pm - DJ @Sarah La Rocca.
10-12am or longer - DJ MayoK
Sunday - 
flash mob at the cool Farmers Market at 12pm, Emmaus triangle.
picnic at the farm at 1pm
swimming pool tango stories, bring your instruments. 
We will have many DJs on Sunday - you can be a DJ for 30 min (about 3 tandas - 3 songs tandas please). 
Let me know if you would like to do it:)
Milonga at the Farm - 7pm-11pm.

community kitchen, potluck, BYOB and also you can camp at the Farm:)
possibility of the sweat lodge - but its work. We will need about 4 hours to prepare a fire and hot stones:)

Happy Zen Tango!!!!
the whole weekend is 85$
Paypal to
or Venmo to @Urszula-Abolik

               TRAVEL WITH ME:

*Poland - June 18th-July 2nd - open - this is also a TANGO TRIP, combined with Brzeg Tango Festival and Kielce El Viento Tango festival, plus other tango adventures-2 spots for males only available.

*Japan - July 10-21st, 2024 - SOLD OUT

*Poland and Check Republic - Cracow and Prague - August 28-September 8th, 2024-2 spots left

*Portugal - September 11-21st, 2024 - SOLD OUT!

*Morocco - October 7-17th, 2024 - 2 spots left.

*Cuba Tanguearte Tango Festival - October 23-29th,2024-open-TANGO TRIP-open

*Shamanic Retreat in Crete - November 1-7th, 2024-open

*Greece and Crete Island - November 8-20,2024 - 2 spots left.

*Argentina - Buenos Aires - Underground tango trip -Nov 25th-Dec5th, 2024-open

*December - 9-16th, 2024 - Cuba, Havana - open.

*January 15-27th, 2025 - Vietnam-open

*February - Cuba, small trip around the island in a relaxed way - February 5-16th, 2025-3 spots left.

*March 1-10th, 2025, Azores Islands - hiking, yoga, pilates, active trip-open.

*March 14-24th, 2025 - Morocco-open

*April - 8-18th, 2025 - Argentina, Buenos Aires, Tango trip.

*May 15th-26th, 2025 - France - French Riviera-open

*Poland-dates TBA

*Japan - dates TBA

*September 11-21, 2025 - Italy, Amalfi Coast-open

Get those comfortable shoes ready and let's go!!!!!:))))

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