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Sunday - March 1st - 2-5pm

Sound Healing, cacao, despacho ceremony with Malu Verde

The spirit of Cacao opens and connects the heart space. It is in this space that we meet for a gentle journey guided by the sound of gongs and crystal bowls. Sharing intention, we collectively drink the cacao prepared from exquisite beans grown in Peru and traditionally processed by hand. This high quality cacao assists in the journey as we lie back into a relaxed and comfortable position. Cacao and sound weave together as a guide on this meditative journey inward. 

We end our time together with a despacho ceremony, a ceremonial offering of our intentions and prayers to Pachamama (Mother Earth), and the Apus (Mountain Spirits). In the spirit of Ayni (meaning reciprocity), it’s about being in harmony with nature, and giving an offering in order to receive; a powerful and lovely way to “dispatch” our prayers to the powers that be. There is no prior knowledge required, just bring an open heart and a personal intention. 

Register online: paypal to, or call our store at 484-225-1382

Spiritual Investment: $50.00


Tuesday - March 3rd - 6-8m - Tango Class!

from 6-6:30pm - beginners beginners

from 6:30-8pm - for all


organic wine after:)


Wednesday - March 4th - 7-8pm

Candlelight Pop Up Yoga with Nia.

Challenging and relaxing, with sound healing and light massage after. also te after



Tuesday - March 17th - 6-8pm - Tango class


glass of wine after


Monday - March 30th - 7-9pm - Power animal healing circle with Dr Barnaby Ruhe

25$ to join in.

Find your power animal 


Trips to join:

*March 6-13 - 2 spots left, Havana, Cuba

*May 6-13th, 2020 - with some tango, salsa tunes, Havana, cuba

*July - 20-30, Poland - 2 spots left

*August - 5-16, 2020 - with Antinanco, Poland, 2 spots left

*November - 29-December 6th, 2020 - 3 spots left, Havana, Cuba

*January 15-22. 2021 - 3 spots left, Havana, Cuba

*February 25th - March 7th - around the Island Trip, Cuba - 11 days in Cuba.

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