*Sunday - November 21st - Tango classes; 4-5pm - beginners, 5-6pm - advanced, 6-8pm - dancing, 15$

* ZOOM YOGA this week:
Tuesday and Thursday - January 11 and 13th from 6-7pm
guests in the studio are welcome!
Tuesday zoom link: Meeting ID:815 8230 2229
Thursday zoom link:862 3372 6547
Yoga for all. No experience necessary. This week we will do some winter blues yoga - means - we will get some energy back but in a nice meditative way, still challenging. each class is 1 hour. donation of 10$ - thank you, paid to Venmo - @Urszula-Abolik (1382), or PayPal at amberconnection@aol.com

Tango classes this Sunday - January 9th and Sunday - January 16th:
*4-5pm - beginners tango
*5-6pm - advanced tango
*6-8pm - dancing/practica
glass of wine included
Sunday - January 23rd - 

Tango intensive/tango flow class with incredible teacher Eleonora Kalganova. 
***4-5pm-group class, private classes available during the day.
***5-8pm - guided practica
45$ to attend the workshop and practica.

at the ARTHAUS Gallery, Allentown.

Eleonora Kalganova is a dance artist and teacher who focuses on exploring improvisation, flow, and communication as process and performance in Argentine tango ( since 2009 )

Growing up in post-Soviet Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Eleonora has been fortunate to extensively study, from an early age, many different and unique forms of dance: folk, ballroom, character, historic, ballet and modern. This combination — the remarkable and rare educational experience — formed Eleonora as a very special and distinct dance artist, tango dancer and improvisor. 
Breaking from rigidity of steps and memorization, Eleonora encourages students to develop improvisational skills through simple and dynamic techniques, achieve relaxed and released style, and most importantly, find new and liberating ways of relating, expressing, and communicating non-verbally with others. A generous, sensitive, and kind teacher, Eleonora finds the special “keys” in every student. 
for private class - email me at amberconnection@aol.com
you can prepay by venmo to @Urszula-Abolik (1382) or PayPal to amberconnection@aol.com


MEDITATION CLASSES - just schedule it privately. I am always free weekends in the morning. or anytime in the afternoon. Private meditation classes - 10$ donation.


Private Yoga classes available - 25$


Private Tango classes available - 25$

Trips abroad/Traveling

*Morocco - March 14-24th

*Cuba, Havana - May - 9-16th, 2022
*Cuba, Havana - May 16-23rd, 2022
*Poland - July 20-30, 2022
Portugal - September 11-21st, 2022
Morocco - October 14-24.
Vietnam - November 12-24th, 2022 
**Havana, Cuba - December 5-12th

for details email: amberconnection@aol.com or message me on facebook under Amber Connection or Urszula Abolik.